Cancer Sucks. Surviving Motivates.

April 2010

I should be celebrating as I enter my last year of cancer treatment. And I am, to a certain degree. These last 5 years have aged me. Whether it's by natural age, stress or treatment and response; I'm well into my middle years. This bi-annual visit to the oncologist was again different, in that, I used my Kaiser access for lab work and forwarded the data to Northwest Cancer Specialists, saving me $276.00 in insurance dollars.

I think in an earlier post, I spoke about contacting Northwest Cancer Specialists (NCS) in an effort to make payment arrangements when I lost my employment based insurance. The effort simply didn't work. Julie and I made monthly out of pocket payments and received collection calls over the past 6 months until I paid the last $41.00 at the time of my April visit.

I get they want their money, and I don't have a problem paying them, with the exception, I'm out of work and don't have insurance. I chose to stay with my oncologist, outside of policy, for consistency of treatment.

I blame no one. Maybe a little guilt for me, my family, my heritage, genetic makeup. My mother survived 6 years of cancer before leaving us. It was a sad time, though I witnessed courage, first hand. All of this goes through my mind as I deal with the business office.

April 17, 2011

Clean bill of health and the end of 5 years of tamoxifen.


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